This page has been set up to provide inside information to those who want to know more about the music and the character behind Tangerine Dream. Here you will find answers to letters by fans, e-mails and interviews. As each question and answer is given equal importance, the text is not divided into topics.

Answers are given by Edgar directly or by the Administrator of this website.


# 51 Is it true that Edgar and his former wife were part of the David Bowie Berlin period back in 1976/77?


Edgar met David for first time backstage in Berlin during his Station to Station concert tour. When David and his party moved to Berlin, Edgar found him a bigger flat in his district, Schoneberg. They even shared TD’s rehearsal room which was in a huge theatre in Berlin. Brian Eno came in from London a few times as well. Iggy Pop ended up living in the same neighbourhood for a year. When David left the city, he was overwhelmed by problems he had before joining the project. Edgar never said too much about that period. He only once said that privacy might be the only real luxury public people end up with – it always has to be respected.


# 52 When surfing through various TD mailing lists one can spot a few comments which are far more than just impolite, sometimes expressing a very aggressive attitude specifically to Edgar. How do you react to such comments?


I don’t react at all. Such people reveal themselves for what they are: little frustrated people who always like shooting out of the dark. Some of them are always telling me what I should do or which direction I have to go. If people know better than I how music should sound or are able to write extraordinary music, why they aren’t trying it themselves? The world is big enough for thousands of people to express their life story by composing great stuff day and night.
As a matter of fact: did I myself ever force anybody to buy my music or stop anyone from buying it or the musical output by Tangerine Dream? I certainly never did and I never will do such a thing. Isn’t that simple?


# 53 What about the UFO’s? Any belief in their existence?


What human eyes can perceive represents just a very small fragment of the frequency spectrum of light which ranges from ultraviolet to infrared. That very little part of a vast expanse of frequencies is what we call our visible world. What we can’t perceive with the senses simple does not exist for most people. It is a very true fact that mankind is still living with a Stone Age consciousness.
So, without the effort of these entities from other spheres in our galaxy, something that most people don’t believe in, our planet would already be uninhabitable. They are responsible for a lot of detoxification, especially over the polar cap of the South Pole. Otherwise, our biophysical system would have long collapsed from humanity’s efforts to poison it. Compared to these pains, all the work of environmental activists throughout the world are like child’s play – not to say that their work is senseless, it’s just not enough in any way. Since the dematerialization of “spacecrafts” and entities is not a problem for them, there are numerous UFO’s in our presence all the time without us being able to perceive them with our senses. Of course, these facts are being covered up and the media are often ignorant of them. This does not overshadow the fact that they exist, though. Why don’t they talk to us if they exist? This is a childish question asked by media idiots. What should they say to people on this planet who don’t even possess the intelligence to stop killing each other for money or raping the planet like dumb idiotic fools? Absolutely nothing!


# 54 Edgar designs most of the TD album covers. How does he reach the point where he’s finally satisfied with the end product?


Edgar studied arts and crafts in university and worked for a few years as a graphic designer before becoming a professional musician. This taught him to make his ideas real visually. The original idea was to give all the covers a certain identity that would be seen as a foundation for the label.
Normally the cover is designed after the music has already been completed. Listening to the music while designing the cover is a way to get direct inspiration. The results are often spontaneous. Edgar works solely with the computer. Over the years he has developed a certain technique by using various software programs. If you look at album covers and other pieces of art you will see parts of an old collage and morphing technique – that’s what he prefers to work from.


# 55 Does Edgar have any contact with former members of the band?


A few years ago he met Peter Baumann near LA in Malibu. Peter is married to a lady from of a wealthy Texan family so he does not necessarily have to sell music anymore. Edgar was hanging out there and the both of them often jumped into a time capsule travelling back to the Virgin years. Edgar also met Paul Haslinger in L.A. during one of Paul’s busy screen productions. He recently worked with Johannes Schmoelling and Ralf Wadephul on smaller CD projects. There are very few people with whom Edgar has no contact anymore. But there is only one whose name it’s best not to use in Edgar’s neighbourhood.


# 56 It has been said that Edgar has a huge library containing very rare books on Sci-Fi, spirituality, art and literature. Which authors would one find in the Science Fiction section?


The classic writers of course, Arthur C. Clarke, H.G. Wells, Frank Herbert, Stanislav Lem, William Olaf Stapledon, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dicks, etc. There are also a few not so well known “hybrid” writers, as Edgar calls them. Writers who are also looking far beyond speculation and random experiments, some who’re using their knowledge and consciousness to open doors beyond our normal everyday reality, like Gustav Meyrink, E.B.-Lytton, E.Haich, and Maria Szepes to name a few.


# 57 If you could write two sentences in a politician’s diary, who would you choose?


Good question. Edgar did something like that during an American tour He wrote two Einstein quotes in some city council guestbook:

  1. “Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism – how passionately I hate them.”

  2. “Force attracts men of low morality.”

We don’t know if there was any reaction to this.


# 58 Live Aid and Live 8 are two remarkable musical events that attract attention worldwide noticed. Are they worth it? Do you have any suggestions?


Everything which can function as a wake up call is worth it, even if the probability of a positive reaction is very low.
On the other hand, all these events remain limited as long as the weapon industry continues to be the strongest and wealthiest factor in Western countries and keeps the entire economy healthy. How strange is it that the same politicians who are praying for peace in public, sign weapon export contracts which are basically the cause of the many of the worldwide disasters we’re faced with. There are 6.5 billion humans on this planet…are we going to allow a handful of idiots to destroy our all classroom? As it’s said we haven’t left our Stone Age cave really.


# 59 As a Dali fan, has Edgar been to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg?


Yes he has. In Florida during one of their USA tours he visited the collection. It was quite interesting because it’s the largest Dali collection outside of Spain. On the other hand, the Dali Museum near Figueras in northern Spain is crazier and depicts Dali’s Catalan mentality better. St. Petersburg is great but in order to really get to know Dali’s work you have to travel to Cadaques and Port Lligat where he lived and worked. The view from his house of the bay can be found in many of his pictures as kind of a backdrop.


# 60 Question to Edgar: What books do you have on your night stand?


Lots because I am a “crossfade” reader, which means that what I read depends on my mood or the way I’m feeling at the moment. What I want to “eat” with my eyes depends on whether I have had a “musical” day or a business struggle that I had to deal with. So, you will definitely find “In search of the Miraculous Fragments of an Unknown Reading” by P.D. Ouspensky, an eight year student of the Sufi teacher Gurdjieff. You will also find “The Ending of Time” a conversation between Dr. David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti, and finally nearly every book by G. Meyrink.

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