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PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:23 pm 

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Wow I didn`t even know a recording existed. great t owatch that even with the annoying dancer, but hey it was the 80s :D

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:46 pm 

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jacob wrote:
epsilon75 wrote:
24db wrote:
Btw....I recently read a review (well, it was a passing comment really) from Paul Stump (he of the critical Discography book) where he totally slagged off Poland...he went down another notch in my opinion after that

I read the book and immediately got rid of it :arrow: Mr Stump was entitled to his opinion but i found it rather strange.

English is not my primary language, but I found it utterly unreadable without a dictionary next to me. I tried to give it a chance during my holidays, but I gave up very early. It's dreadful. I don't mind people having strong opinions about TD, but at least there has to be some of sort of passion or well argumented writing. I can't trace any of that in that book. It's a mere foreign word show-off.

Well I guess I'm the biggest critic of the book, but at least Stump had a go and got it published, you've got to salute him for that, if nothing else.
I could have forgiven the verbose writting style 'if' he had told me something new...in fact if he just interviewed Edgar over the phone for an hour or two and had then just written it out, it would have had more insight into TD rather than shoehorning TD into his own pet theory.

Overall it was a workmanlike introduction to the group; if you were totally new to TD, then I could see it be useful for a while, so I guess it partly forefilled its remit

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