Book about the film music of TD

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Book about the film music of TD

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No release date yet, but David Michael Brown is writing this book. He has been interviewing a lot of people connected to the films that TD scored during their career. Very exciting project!
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Re: Book about the film music of TD

Post by sorcerer »

Should be good this. Look forward to it.

Cheers for the info.
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Re: Book about the film music of TD

Post by hansx »

I love to see this one coming. Very looking forward.
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Re: Book about the film music of TD

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Should be interesting, although it is always an issue with a lot of directors that do not have a musical feeling whatsoever, and it ends up creating something where the music takes you one way but the film is something else.

There have been, even now, not many directors that know how to use music to make it all come alive like never before, and the only thing that Hollywood can do is use yet another song they OWN (to make more money of course!) ... to make you think that this is what this particular moment in the film is about.

I much prefer, the soundtracks like Vangelis, beautifully used more than once by directors that knew music well, and made sure their film fit it to a special extent, and this is the memory we have of those soundtracks, and folks like Maurice Jarre, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vangelis, and a few folks in the history of film that have made some stuff come alive in ways that we never imagined before, and stunned us with its beauty ... as an example, how many of us can not "see" and "remember" the last moments of Blade Runner, and some of the moments in Sorcerer, though I wish that the full soundtrack used in Australia was released ... though I am not exactly a fan of the film, but the music lives in my heart!

Others that also made a very strong impression was Popol Vuh, and it least one film, that included a massive opening shot ... that was insane, but it gave yo a feeling that ... you will remember it. And the film's last several minutes is almost all choreographed by the music ... with the incredible "busking" (improvisations) by KK.

The one thing that bothers me the most is remembering the words from Michelangelo Antonioni, who was NOT a good one for music at all, say that Pink Floyd was "too sad" ... which is a bit on the strange side, though those words came in Roger's words.

Might be an interesting read ... though I think that it has to be done quick, as some of the best bits and pieces are with people that are also ready to leave our time and place. Best of luck in that ... but in "general" music for most popular films is total not good!
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