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 Post subject: New TD interview
PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:51 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: New TD interview
PostPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:52 pm 

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Nice interview all around, however, as usual, there are some things that make it nice all around, and some things that are rather awkward and many interviewers are not in tune enough with the artists, in order to be able to continue an idea into an area that makes more sense, and helps interpret the work that artist is doing.

I much prefer the situation that allows for the artist to flow and enjoy their own stream of consciousness, instead of us thinking that asking questions will get us the answers that we want to hear. In this sense, I thought that both artists were a bit vague, but it's more likely that the questions themselves were a bit vague'r ... which made for not satisfying answers. (Wish Guy Guden would release the many interviews he has ... at least one of them is phenomenal -- Robin Williamson of the Incredible String Band. Guy, presumably has Edgar Froese, Mike Oldfield, Gentle Giant, Bryan Ferry, and more than likely many others. Guy was much more educated about the arts and history to be able to discuss many things with anyone!)

What is weird is that this makes us think that TD is now just 2 people, and that one more member is not a part of the group and its thinking and theory. So, the synthesizer history is all about the "man and men" ... and women have no say in it!

I'm not sure that I have gotten a whole lot out of it, and the myriad of articles I have collected over the years tell me a lot more ... jokes about Cf and coffee ... jokes about the echo chambers ... jokes about the stacks of computers ... and some nice theoretical discussions in a couple of Keyboard Magazines ... wanting to hear again, that what TD does was/is NOT commercial music, when it's sound (specially the new piece!) is more about it sounding the same, than it is about it being a completely different sounding something with more mood, than just a "theme" of music! No more "Beaubourg"'s for any of us, and certainly not from TD.

All in all, the discussion about how both of them got into music, and eventually made their way to TD is the best part of it, and worth the listen. I think the rest, and the discussion of the "philosophy" behind it, is a bit too much cold air ... to excuse the making of music. Also, the "star" thing/discussion was not necessary and not something that helps us, any audience, come to terms and learn what TD is all about. One either likes and appreciates music, or one does not, and only likes a hit song or two ... vast difference.

Nice interview ... interesting to hear from the 2 folks, but I did not get the idea that these guys would be pioneers for a new era of music. There was no "inner discussion" per se, that would have suggested this at all. Perhaps the interviewer was the problem in this area, not the 2 artists.

Still nice to hear them ... thanks a bunch


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